How to Bath a Dog!

  1. Prepare your dog. Take the time to set up an environment where your dog will be as comfortable as possible, be warm and will associate the experience positively. One way to do that is to prepare your dog’s coat by brushing out matting and surface dirt.
  2. Choose the best place to Bath your dog, whether that be the sink or bathtub. Consider a draft free area and make sure water pressure is low and the water is lukewarm.
  3. Set up a couple of towels, products like our Doggie Washing / Pet Soap , brush and comb.
  4. Test the water, then saturate the dog.shampoo your pet, taking care to avoid sensitive areas including his eyes and face. Work the shampoo into a lather, adding water as necessary. Make it pleasant with a massage as well.
  5. Dont forget to dry your dog. Gently towel dry or even if she is used to it, use a warm bow dryer. 
  6. Safety tips: Never leave your dog unattended. Thoroughly wash off any leftover shampoo. Always check water temperature. Don't get products or water in their eyes or ears. 

Our Doggie Wash Soap has been especially formulated to wash our furry family members. Great for dogs and cats alike, but also great for horses, it combines the natural cleansing properties of Soap with the Germ fighting powers of Tea Tree Oil. Moisturising the pets coat, great feedback has been received for easily being able to remove prickles while combing the hair during the wash. (Vegan Friendly)

Holding the pet in one hand, after wetting it, and applying the soap with the other, your pet will love you massaging in the gentle lather, which will connect you closer to your pet. Do not get into your pets eyes!

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